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Annoy your Teachers

Brush your teeth in class, then while doing it raise your hand as if you have a question, and mumble incoherently while brushing, spewing toothpaste all over the place. If your teacher gets mad get even madder at him/her for not allowing you to have proper oral hygiene, and then take out your oral hygiene chart from your dentist that shows how bad it is to not brush your teeth.

Bring a small cactus or any personal item (an action figure, stuffed animal, model airplane, etc) to class with you. Raise your hand, and when you're called on, say that the cactus has a question. Turn and look at the cactus, as if you're waiting for it to say something. After a few moments, shrug, and wait for your teacher to move on. Do this once a day, and become increasingly irritated with the cactus every time, sighing heavily and giving it evil looks when it fails to speak. When you leave the room after class, start yelling at the cactus, "I can't believe you embarrassed me AGAIN...."

When your teacher gives you a syllabus for an assignment, correct it, give it a grade, and put your feedback on it , and return it to the teacher. Demand extra credit. 

Wait for your teacher to mention a number, and then yell out, "Bingo!" Apologize, and explain that you got confused, then do it again.

Draw hearts and flowers on the backs of your papers and tests. Next to them, write things like, "You're the best, even though you suck" and "You're the worst professor in the world, but I still love you."

Get pissed off at your English teacher and ask why you can whiten, blacken, or redden something but canít bluen, yellowen or purplen it. If he/she tries to give a valid explanation get pissed off to the point where you cry and then go to sleep on the floor.

Every time the teacher says something shout out "O my God!" or "I can't believe that!" EVERY TIME

Lick your desk, lick it good.

Take a turtle to school but put a bandana, belt, and knee/elbow pads on it and then have conversations about the Ninja Turtles with it during class.

Write a letter that says "there's footprints on the ceiling.." and then have people pass it around reading it eventually getting to the teacher and after every person looks up bust up hysterically and when the teacher does it laugh until you cry, and then go to sleep on the floor.

Obtain a broom and clean the floor while the teacher is teaching, if they ask what your doing say "I cant learn in the pigsty" and continue to clean.

Bring a bowl of Rice-Krispies to class, argue with them and then throw them on the ground, if the teacher asks you to clean it up, refuse and say "I want to watch them suffer."

Take a long piece of string and tie it to a knife, throw it at the teacher repeatedly. When she's stabbed and bleeding and trying to get the knife from you, tug the knife back and do it again.

Bring lots of rocks to class and when the teachers talking, scream " I Fucking hate you!" and throw rocks at everybody and when they start to run tackle them. Repeat every 15 minutes.

Ask the teacher in front of all the kids if you could have a guest speaker about the subject you are talking about. Then bring a ex-con in with a baseball bat to start hitting everybody.

When playing heads up 7up, and everybody's heads are down, beat the teachers ass and then touch everybody's fingers so that they believe that they have been tagged. When you have tagged everybody yell heads up and then run away. When they see the teacher has been ripped to a pulp run in and touch her finger.

Come in on the first day of school and let your teacher know that him/her is a homo. Remind them of this everyday. Buy a crap load of dildoes and put one in the classroom everyday. When the teacher finds it tell them to shove it up their ass because they love it.

Bring something weird to school everyday and when the teacher is lecturing scream "SHOW AND THROW" Then throw the object at the teacher.

Bring a old drunken bum that has the tendencies to fight for no reason to class. Tell the teacher its " What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Day" When its quiet time tell the bum that the teacher stole his sandwich. When he starts to fight her throw a grenade.

Dress up like Britney Spears and when the class is quiet turn on your boom box that is playing "Hit me baby one more time" and start to dance around and encouraging the classmates to dance with you. When the teacher and or classmates refuse, bring in your body guards.

Wait by the outside of the classroom dressed in only a Speedo. When the late bell rings sprint into the classroom with a metal chair and hit the teacher. Pin her and count to 3. Then sprint back out of the classroom screaming in glee.

One day in class pee on the floor. When the teacher gets mad, start laughing hysterically while licking your own urine from the floor, suck some of it up and spit it at her. The teacher will either gag and throw up or run away in disgust. After this proceed back into your desk and constantly remind the teacher how weak he/she is and ask her how he/she is going to get through life by puking and running away from their problems.

Pick a fight with some kid in class and start hitting him in the face. When the teacher tries to stop you, start hitting yourself in the face and scream in the 3rd person about how you punch like a girl.

Bring a hooker to class and have her sit next to you. When the teacher asks who she is and what she is doing there, pull down your pants and pork her.

When the class is completely quiet, jump up while shaking and wailing your arms and scream "Holy crap there's a spider!" Then when people start investigating, say: "oh, my bad, its only backpack."