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Annoy your Pets

Put a piece of tape over your pet's nose.

If you have a fish, or any aquatic animal for that matter, pee in their water tank.  If you have a land animal, pee in their water dish.

If you have a dog, take a can of dog food and sit down in front of your dog and eat the dog food licking your lips and cheering about how great the food is.

Constantly test and see if its really true that cats ALWAYS land right side up.

Try to drown your fish. Don't ever stop trying until you are successful.

Replace your fish food with flakes of your skin and toe nail clippings.

Feed your pet peanut butter, they will lick their chaps forever.

Cut out a hole in your pants and put your cat inside the pants, then pretend to take a dump until the cat gets out of the hole and falls into conveniently placed sand where you promptly bury the cat and walk off strutting.

Always call your dog a bitch.