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Planet Padua Turns AzN:

How to Become AzN: by Andy

1.) get a 4.5 gpa
2.) develop an obsession to modify every thing you can get your hands on..(cell phones, car, etc.)
3.) learn how to use the chop sticks.
4.) listen to trance, more trance, and nothing but trance.
5.) play video games and be hella good at every single one you play
6.) take off your shoes before entering anyone's house... doesn't matter if they tell you "it's ok...you don't have to"
7.) drive only an import....screw them domestics.
8.) every time you write asian...you spell it AZN, not ASIAN.
9.) eat rice every night...steamed, fried, white, brown..it doesn't matter...eat it.
10.) get all GQed everywhere you go...
11.) always do your homework, believe me...there are 4.0 gpa asian gang bangers.
12.) come up with weird and stupid ways to spell everything...ex: sure-shure, stupid-stoopid, some-sum.
13.) hang out and play counter strike at PC internet cafes. 

**bonus** it's always been said that all asians can dance...