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Name: Jesse 
Age: 17
Skills: Writes reviews for the Reviews Section
Contact Info: Email: Jcblind@linkinpark.com
Aim: Jcblind
Bio: Ah the biography. A place where one tells about oneself. Of all the great things of interest and importance and acheivement. I of course, have none of these things. I in fact, spend most of my time watching DVDs and reminiscing about the "good ol' days"However, should you need someone that can do impressions that sound nothing like what they're sposed to be, someone that will let you inflict pain on them, come up with worthless ideas, or would like to be annoyed for a few hours by strange noises and stories with no real meaning or impact, come say "hey" at Alta Loma High School, or at my home residence, yes, you're all invited, even you Mr. Escaped Mental Patient.