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Planet Padua Illusions:

Optical Illusions are freaky freaky, you under estimate the power of the freakyness. Planet Padua wants you all to get confused and amazed with these super cool illusions and weird pictures we have collected from various people, places, or things.

Is this a young woman...or Brian's grandma? What line is the same as C if it were connected? Yea your prolly wrong moron.
Joey the horseshoe kid submitted this, I suggest not looking at it at all you might blow up. This is just mind bending.
Do these lines slope up and down, or do they run parallel to each other.  Wow. Read this chart from left to right but say the color and not the word, apparently each side of your brain tries to fight the other and you get a big headache and could explode in pain.
Read that aloud to yourself and then read it again really slowly and you will probably kill and/or stab yourself. I'm glad im not her, personally.
EHEHEHEH O sweet merciful God...
Is this Joe, or ALHS' mascot? Rotate this counter-clockwise and you will see what Jacob is.
O jeez. Kinda hard to see, but this isn't really Jesus, its Kyle and Stephanie.
Such a classic picture, now is it a duck or donald? Alan Cole posed for a rare photo opportunity.
Those are straight, get a ruler out. FVACE
Yea, those are parallel homo. LIFT
Which circle is bigger........wait a second.....wait another....haha what a little bitch waiting for nothing. Hey this one's in color.
Dippin' Dots are good. I see Mr. Nalbach, as well as JD's mom, you be the judge.
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This one is big, but if you click it you will be amazed by the optical illusioness of it.

There is seriously over 3 billion different faces in this one picture, NO LIE.