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Planet Padua Tests:

Which Smiley Face are you?

Click Yes on the left of all the questions that apply to you, and submit it when your done of course.

   1.  Do you use the smiley faces when you chat?
   2.  Are you more than 80% addicted to instant messenger?
   3.  Have you ever been camping?
   4.  Do you download MP3s from the Internet?
   5.  If you were in the Wizard of Oz, would you be the Tin Man?
   6.  Have you ever watched Antiques Roadshow on PBS?
   7.  Have you ever eaten a foot-long hotdog?
   8.  Were you born in the 80s?
   9.  Can you play the harmonica?
10.  Is summer the best season of the year?
11.  Are you a vegetarian?
12.  Do you own a bike?
13.  Have you ever jumped on a trampoline?
14.  Would you ever dress up as Frankenstein for Halloween?
15.  Light bulbs are the greatest invention ever. (think about it....)
16.  If someone had broccoli in their teeth, would you tell them?
17.  Clowns are cool.
18.  Play-Doh is one of the coolest toys ever.
19.  --Silly Putty is much cooler.
20.  Can you sit and watch A Baby/Wedding/Makeover Story for hours on end?
21.  Would you get lost if you didn't have a map with you?
22.  Do you have a cell phone?
23.  Do your socks have to match in the morning?
24.  Water might be better for you, but Kool-Aid tastes much better.
25.  Can you keep a secret?
26.  Do you drink cappuccino?
27.  Do you have your own AIM bot?
28.  Do you live with your family or have roommates? (not living by yourself)
29.  If you threw a boomerang and it didn't come back would you go chase it?
30.  Do you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials?
31.  Have you ever been inside the top of a lighthouse?
32.  Do you walk barefoot in the grass? (I've found this can be bad when you have a puppy)
33.  If you were playing Monopoly, would you be one of the following:  shoe, car, thimble??
34.  Do you have a summer job?
35.  Do you own a web cam?
36.  Ever done Karaoke?
37.  Do you believe your body has been abducted by aliens sometime in your life?
38.  Is Putt Putt Golf a sport?
39.  Is a tomato a vegetable?
40.  If you had to pick between the newspaper and a magazine, would you pick the newspaper?
41.  Is the hokey-pokey really what it's all about?
42.  If your plan is having no plan, do you have a plan?
43.  Do you bite the heads off of animal crackers?
44.  Are toy stores the coolest things in the world?
45.  Have you ever ridden in a shopping cart?
46.  Are you going to the beach in the next 24 hours?
47.  Can you juggle?
48.  Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
49.  Are cookies in bed a completely acceptable breakfast?
50.  Do you think you're the smiley with the big ass grin on its face?