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The following is a story that was written by a huge variety of people. Each person writes a sentence or two and then passes the story to someone else to writes a sentence or two. As you can see, some people are just dumb, but its fun to see the different creative ways people express them self, I guess.

Twas a dark and stormy afternoon, a mouse ran to the left, then to the right, and then finally jumped. When the mouse jumped, Chris-Cross came in and sang, but a giant tomato killed them because they suck; a giant, killer tomato. The tomato had taken anger management classes and reformed, but this was too much. It decided it needed help and hopped downtown. There, the tomato turned brown and died and had a cute frown. But he didn't die he just started to cry and then came magic, it was a miracle grow and the tomato started to grow arms and legs and he was a real buff tomato. After he tested his great strength wrestling Jacob Broad and Philip Laffin he proceeded to kill them and the giant tomato asked if Jesse Crawley wanted Jacob's arm. Jesse, not refusing a free limb, took it and started beating me, then Chris Meyer got mad that Mike Norys writes dumb things so he went to Baskins Robins to kill him. It was raining dip and dots so Alli came and ate them because she likes them. Alli went on a walk that day and it was fun and on her walk she ran into the killer tomato and it ate her because it smelled the dip and dots. Jacob got mad and came back to life to kill the tomato. After Jacob was back from the deepest parts of Hell he decided to go bisexual, he did not know why but he felt an urge to have intercourse with Anthony. Anthony had no choice; Anthony is a wuss. Anthony decided to take an adventure to behind the garbage disposal. He found nothing so he died. Before he died Sammit Patel said "peas and carrots go good with that." And then he ate dinner. Justin Salgado came from a rocket ship (a small on of course) but in the middle of the atmosphere he blew up. Pat came and revealed it was a guy, not Patrick Blake but Pat from the popular movie "It's Pat!"