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Planet Padua gives you Stuff To Do:

This is a heavily moderated page that allows virtually anyone from anywhere in the world to submit things to do when you are bored. Please don't submit non-possible things to do as they will just be quickly deleted, hopefully you can recognize the helpfulness of this page rather then abusing it. Anyway, on to some Stuff to Do:

Chris says to eat sunflower seeds.

anthony says to watch the christina aguilara video cuz it has her ass all over the place.

Kevin says to jump people that are out numbered, cuz we can't do it by ourselves.

Kevin says to Anthony, I know that is why I said that.

Anthony says to kevin that that show has a hott ass chick on it.

Kevin says to put off all school assignments and watch "8 Rules on dating my teenage daughter"

Chris says to run around naked on your own street in the middle of the night, tell no one.

Bum guy says to take life as a roller coaster ride.

Chris says to make "obtuse" dookies

Anthony says to dont care

Kevin says to get awesome paint jobs for your PP Ridez....

Chris says to dont go to school.

Anthony says to join his "but it wont be gay" club, scott.

Scott says to go out with him. =`(

Nintendo says to get a Gameboy Advance and get MarioKart for it.

Braw says to go to Newport beach and go skimboarding.

Cameraman says to write, direct, produce and star in your own personal movies, send them to Planet Padua and hopefully they will go up.

MagicMan says to learn how to do magic and impress your friends.

Kate Bosworth says to make out with Anthony because he is soooo sexy and hes good in bed.

30 seconds to mars says to buy their Cd on the 27th because they are a good band.

Quintin Tarentino says to listen to New Found Glory

Heterosexual Anthony says to join his club where you dont need women and you just do couple things with a whole bunch of guys, like paint pictures and make out. But its NOT GAY.

Chris says to not wipe when you take a dump.

Icecream Man says to buy icecream and fart bombs from me.

Banner Mattress says to buy beds and sleep on them, because sleep is the funnest/nicest thing to do.

Loverboy says to listen to Barry White while laying on a bed/couch/love seat/chair/etc. with a girl and make sweet, innocent love.

4th of July says to cancel your plans

Vin Deisel says to not see his movie.

School man X says to dont go to school the first week of school.

Beach Bum says to go to the beach constantly.

Kevin says to get your ears pierced if you're a guy and then goto Chris' house.

Seeder Joe says to buy David Sunflower Seeds and throw them at people whenever you can link seed in with a word. IE: Scream "SEED YOU LATER" and throw the seeds.

Cameraman says to interview everyone you can with really weird questions and outrageous thoughts.

Anthony says to Pierce your ears if your a guy who doesnt get women. Because you'll be a woman and you can be with yourself.

Nerdy Guy says to pick up a good book and sit down under a shady tree and relax.

Kevin says to Flim everything that you do, because sooner or later it will be funny or usable in some other way.

Chris also says to buy a megafone and drive around in the latest hours of the night and scream at people as loud as possible making sure to disturb and anger them when your bored.

Chris says to submit all of your wacky and crazy things to do when your bored.


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