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Chris' Toys:

Sorry, its been awhile before an update, when I get time I'm going to put my truck, cop hat, Holiday Projector, Kool-Aid stuff, scanner, and more up. So there is something to look forward to in the coming days....

Hello and welcome to my toys. Over the years I've collected a variety of different things, ranging from my 10-Watt Mega-fone (shown on the left) to my precious fog machine (shown below.) 

The purpose of this page is not to flaunt all my goodies, but to encourage everyone to play, no matter what age you are you can still have fun like you were a kid.  Though your attitude and toys may change there is always time for fun. Every time I acquire a new toy, I'll post it on this page. You can click on some of the toys to see them in action, read a story about them or watch a video of them; those special ones you just gotta find (its not hard if your mouse changes to a hand on top of the toy then click...duh.)

Here is my lights. On the left is my 2-Million Candle Power spot light; that bad boy provides hours and hours of entertainment in the middle of the night. Below, from left to right is my spinning blue light, then we got the home-made strobe light, and then the cute pin spot I use with my mirror ball (its on this page somewhere.) Next row holds a mini strobe light, a big strobe light, and my head light. Lights are an excellent way to spice up the night or create a fun mood.


Next on my list of goodies is my phone. I think I pay about 400 million dollars a week on that thing. It flashes, it vibrates, it glows, and it looks neat.


This guy on the left over here is a security device I fixed and modified.  When you get close to it a 115 db siren will go off and then it will become electrified  and shock anyone who comes near it. Its neat :)

On the right we got Sharptooth, I got him from the beach and he likes to eat things. My brother set him on fire and he died for a little while but a piece of twine fixed him right up.

Next is my mirror ball. Pop in some disco and get funky with this expensive piece of foam with mirrors glued to it. If you get a laser pointer and move it all around the mirror ball you can blind like an entire room of people in no time.

On the left is my primitive Megaphone. Its called a powerhorn and it fun for awhile before I realized the true power of my Mega-fone.

On the right is my new Laser Light Show. The bad-boy utilizes its laser and motors to make nifty patterns wherever you point it, you can set it to music or auto, I like it :)

My Dazzle Digital Video Creator 2 (on the left) is what makes those Videos you people like and enjoy so much.

My birthday present is nearly impossible to fly (on the right.) None-the-less Its still fun to toy with and I think I'll hang it from my roof if I cant get it flying.

This mini-black light provides light when I need comfort.

My camera accessories or not only expensive, but cute. From left to right, we have my fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, uv and polarized lenses, and my cheap... corded microphone. Now below, is my wireless mic system, and my zoom mic, both expensive goodies.

This nifty gadget to the left is my Zero Blaster. That bad boy will create fog and then shoot it out in the form of a zero. Its awesome.

My kung foo ninja gopher is cute, I got him for my birthday. You press his hand and he'll sing "Kung Foo Fighting" and swing his nunchuck around. This makes him both cute and dangerous, a deadly combination.

Ah my goat-head collection. My friend's dad does work making models and such for movies, and as a present I got some foam goat-heads, a body, some skin and pregnant women molds. If these aren't completely awesome for the great times they supply, the shock value on people's faces when they see them is priceless.

This God-forsaken scooter on the right has caused nothing but trouble, but its still one of the coolest things I've got. It only cost $12 bucks when I got it, and I got it for the sole purpose of destroying it and its passenger (me.) I have permanent scars because of this lovely vehicle, but I also have countless adventure stories too.

Last on my list of toys (for now) is my fake security camera. It sits in the corner of my room and whenever someone moves it starts rotating and flashing a light as if it were a real camera, he he it makes me happy in the pants.