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PP Productions Planet Padua Productions is really a group of people who go out and make videos for the soul purpose of sharing them with you (and for something to do.) You can watch the videos below streamed or download them first (highly suggested)  and then watch them. To download, right click on the format you would like and choose "Save Target As."



21 minutes + 40 Seconds

This compilation video contains stunts, amazing feats, comical acts, weird people, awesome interactions, crazy jumps, Coke torturing, singing, things blowing up, loud screaming, funny stories and overall shows  people having a Goodtime™.

Edited by: Chris

612 KB Preview (00:48) -103 Kbps
12.6 MB RealPlayer - 80 Kbps
16 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps


Awake Contest

7 minutes + 25 Seconds

Most of the Paduans that run or are involved with this site got together one day and decided they wanted to see who could stay awake the longest. Traveling from L.A. to a Lake, from parks to Denny's, they recorded their contest and here it is.

Edited by: Chris

508 KB Preview (00:40) -103 Kbps
2.44 MB RealPlayer - 45 Kbps
5.51 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps



4 minutes + 24 Seconds

This is a freaky music video done to Deftones-Passenger, it was made spur of the moment but is high quality work.

Edited by: Chris

2.55 MB RealPlayer - 45 Kbps
1.11 MB Windows Media - 56 Kbps
8.09 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps


Where is it?

2 minutes + 8 Seconds

Paduans in Video Class at school had to make this for an assignment one day. We're glad they found it.

Edited by: Chris

1.26 MB RealPlayer - 45 Kbps
1.58 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps



16 minutes + 11 Seconds

An old video done for a drama project shot and edited before a computer was available

Edited by: Chris

9.41 MB RealPlayer - 80 Kbps
11.9 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps



4 minutes + 8 Seconds

A fight video we did one night for the fun of it, with special guest appearances.

Edited by: Chris

2.42 MB RealPlayer - 80 Kbps
3.07 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps


Music Fight

4 minutes + 20 Seconds

This is an assignment where a large quantity of movies was used to produce a fighting music video.

Edited by: Chris + Kyle

2.52 MB RealPlayer - 45 Kbps
3.20 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps



5 minutes + 0 Seconds

Some rocks from a truck flew up and made bullet-hole looking cracks in a windshield, we, of course had to use it somehow...

Edited by: Chris

2.95 MB RealPlayer - 45 Kbps
3.72 MB Windows Media - 103Kbps




Video Idea Submission:

If you ever think of something in your head that you would like to see on video then here is where you should share it, and it just might happen. Just fill in the appropriate blanks and select the appropriate selections and us at Planet Padua will review your submission and hopefully make it happen.